Ph.D. Studentship in the Educational Psychology Program at the University of Alabama College of Education

The University of Alabama invites applications for the Ph.D. Program within the Educational Psychology Program ( Funding is available to qualified students. Educational Psychology Ph.D. Program consists of a human development, a learning & motivation, and an educational neuroscience track with an optional concentration in educational neuroscience (additional information available here: Starting students select one of these tracks depending on their interests and plans for future research. We are looking for students who are interested in studying cognitive, affective, and neural mechanisms of learning and exploring educational implications in one or more domains relevant to education (e.g., mathematics learning & cognition, language development, reading, & bilingualism, gesture, moral development, motivation & affect, cognitive and behavioral disorders). Students from diverse backgrounds (e.g., education, cognitive science, neuroscience, learning sciences, STEM fields, psychology, computer science) are encouraged to apply.

Minimum Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s or master’s degree in a relevant field (e.g., education, cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, STEM fields)

• Interest in conducting interdisciplinary research that incorporates methods and perspectives from education, brain, and cognitive sciences

• Interest in educational applications broadly defined

• Ability to work with students and faculty in a variety of disciplines

• Strong quantitative and programming skills

• Strong writing and communication skills 

Belen Farias